The future of Digital Healthcare in Southeast Asia

Asia’s population is adopting digital technology at lightning speed from traditional Healthcare model to new digital model each year.

The healthcare industry in Asia is open with ideas in implementing new digital technology in medical centres and hospitals in regional areas that can help streamline the workflow to provide helpful patient experiences.

The population of countries such as Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia are expected to increase by 40 percent by 2050. The growing population is also expected to further advance the demand for healthcare.

The healthcare sector in the region needs to look for innovative solutions to solve on how to be effective and efficient without spending excessively. This is where technology comes in. The rapid developments in technology particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics can help supplement the healthcare industry in the region.

Southeast Asia’s increasing number of mobile users are facilitating the digitalisation of healthcare through the variety of mobile apps.

In Vietnam internet access and availability is high compared to other neighbouring countries such as Laos (15.7%), Cambodia (11.1%), and even Thailand, a country with a GDP twice that of Vietnam. The number of smartphones owners has been increasing rapidly by 3 times from 2013 (20%) to 2015 (72%) in both rural and urban settings.

Big companies like Intel, IBM, and Microsoft are also working on AI projects to improve healthcare. It is only a matter of time before their products and technologies is accessible for Asia.

Patients are concerns when it comes to technology. Computer-aided medical equipment unlike a doctor’s prescription on paper and physical medicines in cabinets can be hacked and manipulated. Since many of these technological innovations involve large amounts of sensitive personal data, there are privacy concerns as well. Patients could be in danger of having their personal information sold or breached by hackers.

While there are problems in the region’s healthcare systems, technology should not be seen as a problem. Instead, it should be utilised as tools to help make the system more effective.

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